Saturday, December 08, 2012

Nude-a on Barbuda

Ok, so there's not really any nudity in this post...though there are plenty of virgin beaches!

While on Antigua recently, my husband and I decided to do a spur-of-the-moment day trip over to Barbuda, Antigua's smaller, quieter, and much-less-developed sister island. Getting here was fairly easy; a taxi from the resort to the dock, then a ferry (about an hour and a half ride in each direction) to Barbuda! The blue boats in Antigua's harbour mimicked the color of the water...


Upon our arrival on Barbuda, we rented a car to explore the island. This was not quite as simple as it seems; there are only a couple of cars for rent on the island (and no large rental companies) so we were basically driving someone's personal car! But this worked out just fine, and allowed us to really see a good bit of the island. One thing I do wish we'd done was check to see what was and was not open before we went. Because it was mid-week and low season, most of the handful of restaurants on the island were closed.
No one knows exactly how many wild donkeys live on Barbuda, but I estimate we saw at least 50 over the course of the day. 49 of which were not interested in letting our car pass.
Our first sightseeing stop on the island was Two Foot Bay, where you can climb in and explore caves (and perhaps stumble across a few old animal skulls) just a stone's throw from the ocean.

Our next stop was Pink Sand Beach, where the rosy hue of the sand comes from the tiny foraminifera; sea creatures with red shells. Pink Sand Beach Bar was unfortunately closed, but this would be a fabulous place to grab lunch with a view!
Famished from our morning of boating, caving, and beaching, we headed to Uncle Roddy's, an island institution where Uncle Roddy himself serves his famous grilled Barbudan lobster, along with grilled fish and barbequed chicken. Unfortunately, he was still waiting on his lobster delivery when we arrived, and so we didn't have enough time before our return ferry to try it for ourselves. But we did have time to gulp down a couple of Wadadlis (Antigua and Barbuda's national beer), and explore the sugary sands of Coral Group Bay, just outside Uncle Roddy's door!

Still starving, and with not much time before our ferry back to Antigua, we ended up eating lunch at a restaurant with no view whatsoever (the name, Park Terrace, is fairly misleading!), but with the most enormous, delicious lobsters we've ever tasted!
Heading back to the dock, we said good-bye to our donkey friends, and vowed to come back for a much longer stay on Barbuda's stunning beaches very soon! As the weather turns colder here, a stay at one of this warm island's charming boutique getaways sounds like absolute heaven!
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