Thursday, October 07, 2010

Nicaragua part 3 - Big Corn Island

 Upon arriving back on Big Corn, we grabbed a cab and headed for our hotel, Casa Canada. At $109 + tax per night (including breakfast), this property is a bit pricey by Nicaragua standards, but is also the most luxurious hotel in the Corn Islands.

 The connected stucco "cabanas" have all the modern amenities including air conditioning, tv, and a stocked mini bar (with the most reasonable mini-bar prices I've ever seen - comparable to what you would pay in a local store!). We thought the black leather furniture in the sitting area of our cabana was a bit of an odd choice for a tropical resort, but it was quite comfortable (ditto the bed). The bathrooms are very small, but the shower offered hot water and good water pressure, which was a treat after the more eco-friendly shower in our cabana on Little Corn. And the air-conditioning was heaven! We soaked it in for a good long while before heading out to relax by the lovely infinity pool. Somehow I forgot to take any photos of our room, but it did look exactly the same as on the Casa Canada website.
 Our original plan had been to take a tour and see some of the sights on Big Corn, but we ended up just relaxing, swimming, and chatting with another couple who were spending several months traveling around Central America.

 We ate dinner at the hotel's restaurant that night; the food was good and the service friendly, if a bit slow. I let the front desk know that we would be checking out very early the next morning in order to catch our flight back to Managua, and they offered to have the restaurant put out some pastries and coffee for us to grab before we left. This was a very nice offer, but the fact that they did not actually bother to follow through on it was rather disappointing, especially since there was no food available at or near the airport.
But at least we had some great scenery to distract from the hunger pangs!
Overall, I was a bit "eh" on Casa Canada, but it is a nice property and a good choice for those looking for a bit of (relative) luxury in the Corn Islands!


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