Friday, December 07, 2012

Friday Hideaway #1 - Las Cascadas Lodge in La Ceiba, Honduras

I'm starting another new weekly series, this one called Friday Hideaway! Just in time for the weekend, I'll introduce you to very special properties with the following features:

*A secluded and peaceful location
*Under 60 rooms (and generally far fewer than that)
*A gorgeous and relaxing setting
*Luxurious accommodations
*Delectable food and beverages
*Excellent service

For the first edition of this series, I present to you a fabulous little jungle lodge - Las Cascadas in La Ceiba, Honduras!
With just 4 luxury cabins, there are never more than about 8 total guests on property at any given time, so it's the perfect hidden getaway for couples or small groups looking for personalized attention. The managers, Ryan and Maggie, are fantastic - knowledgeable, kind, efficient, and fun, and their obvious happiness and excellent service carry over to the rest of the staff as well.


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