Monday, March 19, 2012

Early morning in Bora Bora

My first morning at the Bora Bora Pearl, I woke just before the sun, at about 5AM. As the first light appeared over the top of Otemanu, I grabbed my camera and headed out for a sunrise walk down the beach and along the pontoons; one of my very favorite things to do!

Dawn here is so incredibly peaceful, with only the sounds of nature - the gentle ocean lapping at the beach and against the stilts of overwater bungalows; a gentle breeze rustling the fronds of coconut palms; seabirds calling out as they soar and swoop through the sky; thousands of fishing flitting and flopping as they search for breakfast. At this time of day, you’re almost guaranteed to see a stingray glide gracefully through the water – and this morning was no exception.

As the light got a bit brighter, I saw sand-colored flounder slipping over the ocean floor like ghosts, almost impossible to see but for small flickers of movement. Large schools of beautiful butterfly fish danced a water ballet to the music of the flute fish, as they all flitted and flirted and fed.

And a lone Picasso triggerfish stalked me, waiting for the moment when a part of my body would touch the water and he could seek his revenge for whatever the hell it was I did in a former life that has turned this entire species of fish against me.  (Note: for the back story on all this, click here.) Luckily, I thwarted his sneak attack on my ankle from behind at the last second, and even managed to not drop my camera in the water while jumping out of his reach. Caroline: 1, Picasso Triggerfish species: 47. Pleased to have finally gotten on the scoreboard, at least.
 The pink streaks of sky and golden rays of early morning sun accentuate the already unparalleled beauty of this island to make it seem even more like something out a dream – this must be just what heaven looks like!


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